image of Coach Gerhard Benthin - Maracana- Stadium Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Coach Gerhard Benthin - Maracana- Stadium Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

We are a dedicated team of world class professional soccer coaches, providing unparalleled training to dedicated players of ALL skill and ability levels! The goal of Brazil Soccer USA is to develop the young soccer player's level of skill through a well rounded education, thereby achieving an understanding of how much effort is necessary to attain a high level of play.

Our proven training methods of soccer players place a strong emphasis on technical training with a combination of physical fitness. It is this emphasis together with a unique creativity that places the Brazilian players among the best in the world.

image of Gerhard Benthin CBF Brasil National Team Under 17

Gerhard Benthin CBF Brasil National Team Under 17 Fmr. Assistant Coach

The staff at Brazil Soccer USA teaches young players how to develop physically and mentally, stressing technical and tactical awareness of the game.

On this site you will not only find information about Gerhard Benthin, Founder & Technical Director, but also a great deal of info about our camps and clinics.

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our history

Gerhard Benthin, the founder and Technical Director of Brazil Soccer USA is a Brazilian player with a European background that started his career at the Flamengo Soccer Club at a very young age in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Flamengo is considered the most popular soccer club in Brazil. Gerhard started as a field player and later became a token goalkeeper throughout his youth to the professional level.

Gerhard Benthin later transferred to Fluminense where he won two Rio de Janeiro "under 14" state championships. As his career progressed, he was given the opportunity to be instructed by many Brazilian national team coaches.

Gerhard also had the opportunity to work with staff member Carlos Alberto Torres, one of the most famous players (presently a coach in Europe), who has formally the "Capitan" of the Brazilian national team playing alongside Pele in the World Cup in 1970 in Mexico; where they captured the title to Brazil. Torres learned the Brazilian method in his youth, and applied it throughout his professional career!

Living in the United States for 21 years, Gerhard has been teaching American players the successful Brazilian method with European discipline. This mix has made Brazilians one of the most powerful soccer nation in the world. Brazil Soccer USA has coached many American players to achieve their dreams in soccer; many of them reaching: AYSO All Stars, Club, ODP, College and MLS Professional. Our goal and mission is to make your dream become reality.

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We are proud of the many players who have trained using our methods for years and now have achieved their soccer career goals

Our field player training is based on technicality and the Brazilian creativity with strong emphasis on fitness. In today's soccer, physical conditioning is a big part of the game. We create an atmosphere to stimulate training simulating realistic situations playing the game. As we say in Brazil, "you play the way you train!" Our training is intense and action packed, while also making it fun end enjoyable. Our method is based on the Brazilian technique and European discipline.

Our goalkeeper training is very demanding. Brazilian goalkeepers train with a high intensity to build skills and precision required to play at the top level.