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"Dedicated to creating new techniques and improving individual skills."

We are a dedicated team of world class professional soccer coaches, providing unparalleled training to dedicated players of ALL skill and ability levels! The goal of Brazil Soccer USA is to develop the young soccer player's level of skill through a well rounded education, thereby achieving an understanding of how much effort is necessary to attain a high level of play.

Our proved training methods of soccer players place a strong emphasis on technical training in combination with physical fitness. It is this emphasis together with a unique creativity that places the Brazilian players among the best in the world.

Brazil soccer USA provide private soccer lessons, soccer clinics for youth, team training, and European youth football tournaments

The staff at Brazil Soccer USA teaches young players how to develop physically and mentally, stressing technical and tactical awareness of the game.

On this site you will not only find information about Gerhard Benthin, Founder & Technical Director, but also a great deal of info about our camps, personal trianing sessions, internships and clinics.

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Once you signed up for your first session there are several things you must keep in mind. Please fill out our liability form, bring enough water, wear cleats, shin gaurds and come with positive attitude. Your coaching professional will contact you with addtional details.

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Learn the Brazilian ABC soccer drills with Coach Gerhard Benthin. Technique is key when mastering your soccer skill sets.

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Recognized As A Top Professional Soccer Coach

Recognized as a professional soccer coach, Gerhard Benthin has spent 25 years throughout the United States instructing in major Soccer camps, clinics, clubs, high schools, group and individual lessons. His knowledge and experience of coaching in both positions certainly sets him apart from other soccer coaches and has built a reputation of making soccer training simple, yet highly effective with intense practice. Coach Benthin's passion and love for the game is truly infectious.

Through his career, Gerhard Benthin has been coaching at the highest level professional teams, such as L.A. Galaxy MLS, Brazil National Team U17.

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Training To The Next Level | European Youth Football Tournaments

Brazil Soccer International’s focus is to broaden seasoned academy players skill sets by taking them to play international world youth football tournaments. These high performance tournaments are held in Europe, Asia, South America and the United States.

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Education For All Levels

We can train an existing school soccer team or start a new team which will be able to compete with other local schools. If your school is currently working with a provider of after school enrichment class we would also be happy to partner with that organization. We also provide sessions and soccer clinics for youth during the summer and winter vaction.

Our world class coaches are always available to support the training method and technique, teaching young players how to develop physically and mentally, stressing technical and tactical awareness of the game.

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Our coaches

coach Marcello

Marcello C.

Coaching Director

CBF/FIFA Professional Coach

"Our mission as coaches/ trainers is to motivate each player to learn and grasp skills sets to excel and improve their current level of play." Brazil Soccer USA focuses on core strength training that is critical for greater efficiency of movement, better balance, stability, body control, and increased power output.

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About Our Coaching Staff
image of Coach Salvador F.

Salvador F

Coaching Staff

Master Coach

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Brazil Soccer USA "Futebol Arte do Brasil"

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Image of youth at MiC CUP

Coaches: Gerhard Benthin & Marcello Campello @ MIC CUP 2016

image of Raphael & Fabio Santos formaer Manchester United players

Raphael and Fabio - Former Manchester United players from Brazil National Team Sub 17 &F luminense FC.